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Land rover defender

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Land rover defender relates to the amazing brand Land rover.
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Defender – a frame car, and this is very practical and convenient. It also provides a good passability and defines a design of the car. A few persons buy that car as the first car, as usual people buy this car for pleasure, especially when they have, for example, Range Rover Vogue, which is excellent for driving in the city. So Defender is not very popular car, because this car is for fans, who like to drive in forests. Defender has chopped surface, which is easy to restoring in case of deformation. Land Rover Defender It’s not necessary to say that dynamic characteristics of the car are not amazing. Again, it is not made for this. It’s hard to drive on a highway with this car. But for lack of roads this 2-litres high-torque diesel is excellent. It has a power only 122 hp but in a wide range (2200-4350 rpm). A maximum speed is 144 km/h. An engine works in pair with mechanical 6-speed gearbox for high loads. Land Rover Defender gives a feeling of permissiveness at the lack of roads. It’s possible to drive this car without looking under wheels. Diesel engine confidently pulls the car, and using a low range isn’t necessary: transmission is good, so as usual 1-2 speed is enough even for serious interceptions. But if a car has a very hard interception, it’s possible to block interaxle differential, and Defender in a minute would be as a lightweight tank, which can destroy everything. Even a heel with an angle of 30-35 degrees is nothing to this “monster”. Even low range speeds weren’t used. A discharge of diesel is 13 litres per 100 km in the city, and about 10-11 litres in other areas. Land Rover Defender Well, a car is specific. You drive it, as you’re on a stool, it means that car suspension with spring poles is not the best and more comfortable thing in a world. You feel every hubble, and time to time start thinking about you spine. You can also feel that centre of gravity is somewhere high. The car hangs and rocks a lot. In spite of this, it’s hard not to fall in love with Defender. Defender becomes a close friend for his owner with all imperfections, and you are sure that this car will help you in difficult situations.

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land rover defender

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