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Nissan serena

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Nissan serena found on brand Nissan - Serena
Nissan serena relates to the amazing brand Nissan.
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Minivans we have held in respect. In fact such machine can provide mobility to not only the proprietor but also his friends. From six-seven persons it is possible a small company to go for a drive on a city or leave in a distant trip. The Japanese car Nissan Serena, arriving on our today's test, will fully suit for this purposing. The debut of Nissan Serena took place in June, 1991. Shortly about a machine: year of producing 1997, turbo diesel engine by volume of 2 L., by power of 91 hp, Automatic Transmission «automat», complete drive, basket – four-door. A run on the day of test is a 130 000 km. Nissan Serena Interior Equipment of salon on present measurements, certainly, naively, but it was enough in those times. A driving arm-chair has a corner of turn 180 degrees and all two is equipped by mechanical regulations. A helm is small and equipped by a hydraulic actuator that positively affects on his management; a steering column can be adjusted on the angle of slope. A device panel has a pleasant, rounded form; the corymbs of devices are reliably hidden under a peak. Glasses and mirrors are equipped by an electro mechanic. A central cantilever is crowned by the gear-box of very imposing sizes. The second row consists of two small, but fully comfort settees and has decent space foot. Third row less comfortable, because to get there extremely difficult, and the location of arm-chairs anymore befits for children, because to the adults there will be rather crowded. If not to use the third row as landings places, then an excellent luggage separation will turn out, by volume of to 700 L. But there is one substantial minus of this car, at the use of all landings rows; a place does not remain for a luggage separation. The panel of devices is not overloaded by superfluous information. On her four standard devices and indicator of the modes of «automat» are located between a tachometer and speedometer. Nissan Serena Turbo diesel not intended power of 97 hp for races, the dynamics of acceleration at Nissan Serena is weak enough, but for a quiet, measure ride she is fully enough. A machine is dispersed as though with reluctance, long beginning to think, before to respond to pressure of gas pedal, it is thus unimportant, how to press on gas – «in sex» or slightly. And only when an engine collects 2-2.5 thousand turns, some revival is felt in a dynamics. To manage Nissan Serena is not very difficult. In spite of presence of very powerful hydraulic actuator, a feed-back is felt perfectly. Noise isolation is mediocre: work of pendant and noise of tires are heard always. Voice of diesel engine, recovering other noises on turns higher 2 500, appeared especially strong.

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nissan serena

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Nissan serena

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