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Subaru pleo

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Subaru pleo relates to the amazing brand Subaru.
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Subaru Pleo is a compact car produced by Subaru company on October 9, 1998. Length of the model is 3395 mm, width - 1475 mm, height - 1550 mm. It has 5 doors and 4 seats. Subaru chose to use an aluminum alloy boxer engine in order to reduce powertrain weight. The capacity of the automobile`s engine is 0,7 liters. Its power is 46 hp. The same engine was used in the Subaru Vivio model. Subaru Pleo In spite of the moderate power, the top speed of Subaru Pleo is 130 miles per hour. A gage panel is quite simple and functional. Speedometer and tachometer are situated right in front of the driver.The cabin of the model is very comfortable. The standard technique also includes a power steering. The wheelbase of this car is 2310 mm. During manufacture some modifications were worked out. Subaru Pleo In June 1999 The Subaru company represented a special package with renovation for Pleo model. It was called «Nesta». The Pleo was discontinued in December 2009. This automobile is very reliable. Subaru Pleo is convenient for everybody.

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subaru pleo subaru pleo subaru pleo subaru pleo
subaru pleo

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lloyd davies
About photo #4
this car will never class as a rally car, never mind a road car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-11-23 04:15:43

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