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Hyundai starex

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Hyundai starex relates to the amazing brand Hyundai.
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HYUNDAI Starex is a minibus of wide spectrum of application (due to the variety of the modifications offered by a plant). Debut of HYUNDAI H - 1 took place in Korea in 1996. Basket In respect of baskets that the cars of HYUNDAI Starex are completed, then them a few: on two variants wheel-bases, short and long, there is 7 -, 9 - and 12-local passenger van, and also 3 - and 6-local freight vans, thus the last can be both with glazing of luggage compartment and with a deaf luggage separation. Hyundai Starex In respect of general lines of baskets of HYUNDAI H - 1, then it is possible to distinguish two features: firstly, it is the rounded form, that was not quite characteristic for the cars of such class in those times, secondly, postern of HYUNDAI H - 1 does not swing open two bars, and rises one leaf upwards. A height of getting up is a 1,85 m; most people can stand under her full length. As a bearing element of basket on the cars of HYUNDAI H - 1 the frames of stair type integrated in a basket are used. Basket of HYUNDAI H - 1 restyling undergoes 2 times: first time in 2000, when the optics set on the car changed insignificantly, and also some elements of decor were added, second facelift took place in 2004 - then the forehand of car suffered very considerable changes, HYUNDAI H - 1 began to look much more modern. Hyundai Starex Interior In respect of automobile versions of cars of HYUNDAI H - 1, they have in a salon, depending on a passenger capacity, two or three rows of seats three rows of arm-chairs on that with a comfort all passengers will be able to station oneself. It is needed to mark circumstance that the passengers of back arm-chairs of HYUNDAI Starex will not feel a defect in space, because there is an enough place foot and above a head, and also the special deepening is envisaged foot in the underbody of arm-chairs of the second row. Engine Line of engines of HYUNDAI H - 1 consists of four petrol and three diesel engines. First two petrol engines - six-cylinder V- vivid by volume of a 3,0 L.: first from them has for 2 valves on a cylinder (for 1 camshaft in every head of crankcase) and gives out about 140 hp second – for 4 valves on a cylinder(for 2 camshafts in every head of crankcase), gives out about 160 hp. Remaining two petrol engines are row four: first - by volume of a 2,4 L., having for 4 valves on a cylinder and two camshafts, her power about 150 hp. Transmission HYUNDAI Starex is completed both a mechanical 5-step box and automatic 4-step box of switching of transmissions. Besides the RWD version of HYUNDAI H - 1 exists and version 4WD.
hyundai starex hyundai starex hyundai starex hyundai starex
hyundai starex hyundai starex hyundai starex hyundai starex
hyundai starex

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Hyundai starex

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