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Lada samara

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Lada samara found on brand Lada - Samara
Lada samara relates to the amazing brand Lada.
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Lada Samara hatchback is a four-door sedan with five seats and front wheel drive. It was developed on the base of VAZ 2109 and was released in 1990. Since then and to this day it reached a great popularity. There are a lot of reasons to love this car, because of a good design, reliability and high level of safety. VAZ 21099 managed to gather all the very best of what previous models (VAZ 2108 and VAZ 2109) had. The level of build quality significantly improved in comparison with standard Lada, which at that time already obsolete, while Lada Samara hatchback is still considered one of the best cars in the domestic automotive industry. The new version fully meets modern standards and requirements, as well as the major trends in the automotive industry. New Lada sedan looks sleek and pleases the eye by clean lines. Lada Samara The luggage compartment has become larger thanks to a modified form of the trunk. The vehicle is fully accessible even for people with incomes below the average. Therefore young people and even students buy a new Lada sedan. If the clearance is increased Lada sedan easily cope not only with driving on city roads, but also on country, making it a good choice for trips to nature with friends. Current opportunities for tuning Lada Samara are so great that a car can be changed incredibly, including its technical characteristics. You can tune almost any part of a motor, brake, suspension and other. Lada Samara The vehicle is equipped with five-speed manual transmission and 1.5-liter gasoline engine. The car obtains reliable handling and stability of the ride quality. All of these are effectively combined with the prestige of the sedan body type. The panel is equipped with an original combination of devices and illuminated switches, which are responsible for locking the doors, management of the power windows and the board control that acts as warning system for the driver about how the various parts of the vehicle work. Through the usage new materials in the passenger compartment and ability to adjust the height of the attachment point on the seat belts, landing of passengers and the driver is verycomfortable.
lada samara lada samara lada samara lada samara
lada samara lada samara lada samara lada samara
lada samara

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Lee I owned A Lada Riva and a Samaria, I loved both of them the Samaria I toured around England and slept comfortably in there
2013-02-18 22:09:35
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Lada samara

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