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Ford escort found on brand Ford - Escort
Ford escort relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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The First Ford Escort was born in the late 60-s and immediately produced a revolution in car manufacturing business. The Escort became the most long running Ford car of all their previous models, it also became the most available car for all the british people with average income, no surprise it was so popular for such a long period of time. ford escort The engine capacities varied from 1.3 L CFi (1299 cc) to 2.0 L EFi (1998 cc) during the years of its production. Exterior design was made simple, first versions of the car didn’t even have the Ford blue logo on its front grille. But Escort’s design was completed in 1982, the traditional logo was added, the lines of the body and the front lights were slightly modified to make the car look more presentable. ford escort Interior had a modest and simple design and a lot of space that allowed the driver and its passengers feel comfortable and safe. The general benefit of having this car was and still is its reliability and performance. You can have a great driving experience combined with fuel economy, which is always an advantage about any car.

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ford escort

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