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Ford puma

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Ford puma found on brand Ford - Puma
Ford puma relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Ford Puma is a sport car with very stylish design. It was created at the plant of Ford's Niehl in the town of Cologne from 1997 to 2001. All cars of this line are front-engined with 4 seats. The standard wheels come with 15-inch. The car is avaliable with next options: 1.4 litre, 1.6 litre and 1.7 litre. All 1.7-litre Pumas have special equipment such as anti-lock brakes and speed traction control. Ford Puma Ford puma was designed according to the Ford's New Edge strategy. It has front discs and original drum brakes. The automobile can be called a tween brother of Ford Fiesta. The Puma can be recognized for its European launch campaign. During many years cars of this line won a lot of awards. Puma really achieved public acclaim thanks to its proportions and cat-like design. Ford Puma Ford produced a rally car called Ford Puma Kit Car. It was created to compete in speed competitions. The Puma's details include a Zetec SE alloy engine with 4 cylinders. This car was mostly sold in Europe and up to the 2001 was the leader of sealing. To minimise mechanical wear a specific technology of grading of oil is used here.

ford puma ford puma ford puma ford puma
ford puma ford puma ford puma ford puma
ford puma

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Ford puma

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