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Nissan sunny relates to the amazing brand Nissan.
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Lower middle-class sedans Sunny debuted in 1998 on a platform of MS are release and sell only in Japan now. Sedans with front-wheel drive and are quite popular due to the optimal balance of price, size and quality. Suspension tuning biased area greater smoothness, so the corners there are significant body roll. Sunny is manufactured in three versions: the basic FE, EX Saloon and luxurious Super Saloon.

In 1966 the production of this brand was initiated as the Datsun 1,000 and although its output in Japan completed in 2004, it still made for African and American markets. Four-door sedan Nissan Sunny B15 produced from 1998 to 2004. Since 2005, Japan ceased production of Sunny, it replaced as a market niche car Nissan Tiida. However, the United States still continue to sell Nissan Sentra with engines 1.8 and 2.5 liter, but although the plant is included in the plans to create the next Sentra already based on another car. It should also be noted that Nissan Sentra B15 (2000-2006) significantly differed in design from the Nissan Sunny B15. Body Sentra B15: body B14, a Nissan Sunny B15 returns to more traditional design, 3-volume vehicle. In Japan the B15 was sold as Nissan Super Sunny. The car with the body "sedan universal" Nissan Wingroad is designed in conjunction with Mazda. Its also belongs to the family of Sunny.

nissan sunny Modernization Wingroad 2002 gave a new front end, leaving unchanged the rear. A Wingroad 2005 model year is already built on the basis of Nissan Tiida. Sunny is produced in China for the internal market by joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Company. Sunny is produced in China for the internal market joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Company. Furthermore, Nissan16 body is sold as Nissan Almera in certain parts of Latin America. Nissan Almera the model year 2007, changed its platform to Samsung SM3 Renault, it is sold, and the Middle East as Nissan Sunny and as Almera Classic in northern Europe.

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