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Bmw z8

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BMW Z8 - model of a sports car for two person with an aluminum body. Prototype was presented in the fall 1997 to Tokyo, the serial BMW Z8 model - in 2000. It is made in small amounts at plants in Dingolfinge and Munich. The external design of the car reminds legendary model of the 1950th of BMW 507 created by count Albrecht Gerttsom: long cowl, big wheels. Work of the designer Henrika Fiskersa pays tribute to heritage of this sports car, and under a beautiful covering from aluminum and carbon fiber panels the spatial aluminum frame which wasn't less difficult, than suspenders of many modern racing cars which provides high rates of body stiffness disappears. The quick-detachable aluminum roof, as well as back panel in open option, are executed at the same time with rear fenders and "luggage compartment" (actually as that isn't present a boot lid). At body transformation from a coupe in a roadster the rear of a car is replaced completely. Elements of the chassis are also executed from aluminum alloys, and bumpers - from polyurethane. BMW Z8 Already revived in the Z3, M Roadster and M Coupe models, "gills" on front fenders are also inherited from 507. On BMW Z8 they are perfectly combined with narrow optics of repeaters of turn indicators. And the steering wheel with spring spokes returns us during an era of the 30th. But BMW Z8 is not simply modern remake of the concrete car. The combination of classical elegance of Z8, its speed, road ability and the current technologies helps to create a modern legend. BMW Z8 The BMW Z8 car is equipped with the V-shaped eight-cylinder engine. Having a working volume of 5 l, this engine develops the power of 400 hp at 6600 rpm, the maximum torque makes 500 Nanometers. The high torque is reached, in particular, thanks to double system of a gas distribution of VANOS and the separate throttle valves which for the first time have received electronic control. Traction dynamic characteristics of the BMW Z8 model are provided with a six-speed transmission and system of dynamic control of stability of DSC III. Dispersal from a place to 100 km/h takes less than 5 sec. To a full stop of BMW Z8 going at such speed, 2,5 sec. there are enough. Tires are supplied with system of an emergency course. BMW Z8 was called the Car of year - 2001 in Robb's Report paper. This rank awarded on Los-Angeles International Showroom, annually is given to cars worth over $40,000, whose design, style and technical characteristics allow to put them on an equal basis with the best sports and representative cars of the world.

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bmw z8

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