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Yamaha xj6

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Yamaha xj6 relates to the amazing brand Yamaha.
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This eye-catching open version of motor cycle of XJ6 Diversion carries in itself the clean spirit of Yamaha with serious attitude toward streets. A compact undercarriage provides a simple management, and 4- time row 4-cylinder engine of the liquid cooling by volume of 600 cube. a cm provides high power on low turnovers and excellent acceleration.So, we will give a glance on this aggregate and his technical descriptions. First, that strikes the eyes is a steel frame and pendulum. Then we pay attention to that an engine at a motor cycle is not too powerful. And and he is equipped by the most usual two pistons brakes in that, indeed, there is ABS. First impression from an acquaintance with the motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion - not at all impressive. Yamaha XJ6 A motor cycle steadily enough behaves on the road at high lateral wind. In addition, he is yet and constructed so, that protects a manager to them man from this wind. It is thus needed to mark that even to the man large enough the good protecting from wind and comfort will be provided at a ride. A next moment, that is marked by people, passing a test-drive on the motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, is this his remarkable ergonomics: even after the protracted journey on this aggregate a man does not feel a strong tiredness. By the way speaking, a company Yamaha looked not only after a that man that manages a motor cycle but also about that, who as a passenger sits behind a driver. Now we will look at the device panel of motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. She is clear and even very bright light of a sun will not mix to see indexes on her. And testimonies on her are very important, and at times yet and pleasant enough. It was so, for example, pleasantly to realize that a motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion is economical enough are only 17 litres of fuel on 300 kilometres in the conditions of city, and 350 kilometres on an out-of-town route. Very good at this model of motor cycle companies of Yamaha and mirrors are a review in them simply remarkable. And at mirrors it is possible to mark only one defect that generally is not so substantial is the little corner of addition. Yamaha XJ6 And it is possible to say in a conclusion, that now the motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion shows both quite good technical descriptions and ergonomics of him wonderful, and petrol he eats economically, and dirigibility became better substantially for him, that allowed to do one only conclusion: a motor cycle of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion is a wonderful choice both for the novices of ride on a motor cycle and for those, who already considers itself professional.

yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6
yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6 yamaha xj6
yamaha xj6

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Yamaha xj6

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