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Ford e relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Ford Motor Company launched the production of its famous E-series vans in the year 1961. The model was characterized for its compact size and rather flexible chassis, which was later used as the base for lots of types of vehicles. Since the first years of production, Ford models acquired popularity and general acknowledgement of the experts and members of the world’s community. The lineup of the vans is not yet completed. The huge demand on E-series vans makes the producer continue the output of the vehicle. The most recent models boast functionality of a full-size van, making it close to microbuses. But still the general trends of Ford Motor Company remain the same: they still produce a very durable and reliable vehicle. The evolution of models has led them to a new level of perfection. The latest versions acquired a 6.4-liter turbo diesel V8, able to produce the general output of 225-305 horsepower. There were significant changes, attached to steering, braking and suspension. This bore fruit and resulted in refinements of handling and general on-the-road behavior of the vehicle. Even when the car has too much load aboard, it handles overweight with great durability. Current models use both rear- and front-wheel drive. The chassis, as compared to previous generations, have been made heavier. That is why the general weight of recent models has increased by almost 10 per cent. Ford E The models, produced after the year 2010, provide seats for 3-5 occupants. Experts claim that the availability of space makes the car one of the best space providers. The cargo capacity is as well impressive. The cabin has comfortable front seats, with lots of legroom for rear and front seats occupants. The changes of the equipment were urged by the necessity to promote the comfort of the van to a more serious level. The latest versions are available in different colors. On e of the options is to install cast-aluminum wheels. But it will definitely raise the costs to a significant sum of money. On the other hand, the interior became much more sophisticated: it acquired modern audio system, navigation and even a back-view camera. Ford E Ford E-series vans remain the best-selling vehicle in its class. The popularity is caused bythe capability and reliability of this impressive van.

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ford e ford e ford e ford e
ford e

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