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Citroen c4

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Citroen c4 found on brand Citroen - C4
Citroen c4 relates to the amazing brand Citroen.
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Obviously Citroen has high hopes for the new C4. Could it be able to excel its nearest competitors: Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf? As always time will show. The new model was completely redesigned and got more effective engines and now carries a strong feeling of prestige. That, undoubtedly, will make potential buyers choose the new Citroen C4. From the front it looks quite tough and aggressive but elegant backup lights create quite traditional appearance of the C4.

Citroen c4 The car is longer than its predecessor, as well as wider. Glass panoramic roof creates a sense of spacious air-filled interior. Its trunk also became bigger and is now 408 l. The changes include a selection of polyphonic melody to your taste and a color illumination of the instrument panel, appearance of trip computer, allowing you to move more efficiently. Soft plastic, stylish metal elements – everything in design is at the proper level. The car owner can choose one of three petrol (94, 118 or 153 HP) and three turbo-diesel units (HDi 90, 110 and 148 HP). Version with 110-horsepower diesel e-HDi is equipped with the system start-stop, while the level of CO2 emissions is 109 g/km. They promised the future upgrading to the engine with the emissions of 99 g/km!

Citroen c4 Driving C4 on the highways you can feel yourself perfectly thanks to long upper transmissions, comfortable seats with a developed support and good noise insulation. We can notice well maneuvering but the feedback steering control could be better. Whether C4 is a leader in its class? Not quite. It is good in many ways, but the better-known competitor Volkswagen Golf is not concerned about this. With a broader set of engines, excellent quality, accurate control, Golf is considered to be one of the best hatchbacks. And Citroen C4 remains only to aspire to this.

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citroen c4

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Citroen c4

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