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Toyota yaris

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Toyota yaris relates to the amazing brand Toyota.
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I am very pleased with this car. It is from France. I am the second owner in Chicago. For over two years of operation, I spent the money only for the replacement of the bearing in the right front the hub, and of course two times a year balancing and the changing of the rubber. Now prepare to spend some money on a car - replace the chains of a gas distribution mechanism and a couple of rubber bands in chassis of machine. I think it's time, because the mileage of the car is near 200 thousand. Although this cannot be said about the machine.

Toyota Yaris is a very functional car. I'm a musician. And sometimes I have to carry a lot of sound and light equipment. Then I remove the rear seats under the front and you turn out in a small truck. One day, after work, porters carried out of the restaurant two sets of sound and light, and were very much surprised, when I put it in the car. They said that if they did not see themselves, they would never believe. I especially like the space in the front part of the passenger compartment - a lot of air. In spite of the fact that the machine seems small.

toyota yaris

The car is very fast for its 1.3 liter engine. My friend arrived from Germany at Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0 l.- the machine did not go. He tried to drive my car and afraid, released the gas pedal.The car on the highway goes wonderful. I have to travel by car frequently and I have never failed with my Toyota Yaris.

You probably think that I am strongly commend the car, maybe so. I have had two cars a Honda Civic, VW Passat, and Toyota Karina E. My friends have a lot of cars - there is something to compare with. I usually change cars once a year. But this car I like. I will change its, of course, iron is iron - it tends to age and break. It will be very sorry, like any other machine. But my very first foreign car was Opel cadet 1,3 hatchback. I liked it too. It was a super car, until my son broke it. Thank God, the son had only a bump on his forehead. I passed the car for parts for $200. Let it rest in peace and in bright memory.

toyota yaris toyota yaris toyota yaris toyota yaris
toyota yaris toyota yaris toyota yaris toyota yaris

What do you think about this vehicle?

Esther Toyota Yaris,because it has good interior and exterior designs and especially made for me,i would look very cute in it.
2012-11-30 01:39:49
Isaac Thindwa I like it its nice fast and comfortable
2013-05-28 04:51:39
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Toyota yaris

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