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Gaz 69 relates to the amazing brand Gaz.
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GAZ-69 is a soviet passenger road vehicle. In 1952 GAZ decided to replace a military jeep GAZ-67B and began mass production of the new SUV named GAZ-69. From the very beginning the new machine was available in two versions: GAZ-69 with eight-seater two-door body (six on the longitudinal triple stores, hinged tailgate) and agriculture (commander) GAZ-69A with four-door five-seater body with a comfortable triple rear seat, where cockpit was closed with a tent. GAZ 69 Exterior of the car was made ​​in a style of American commercial vehicles of the forties that evolved gas-69 in a number of domestic and foreign cars of a similar purpose, which had an extremely simple design of the body. All the units were attached to the machine's frame with side members of the closed section and six crossbars. Jeep was equipped with engine GAZ-20. All axles were leading. The transmission included transfer case without direct transmission. The car had ball constant velocity joints of "Bendix-Weiss" type. Suspension of all wheels had a dependent spring type. In 1953 a production of five-seater modified jeep – GAZ-69A started. The car had a four-door body and the layout of the passenger compartment, similar to those which are used in conventional cars. GAZ 69 GAZ-69 was equipped with 4-cylinder engine with volume of 2.12 l. and capacity of 55 hp at 3600 rev / min. Due to it the car could accelerate to 90 km / h. Average fuel consumption on the highway was estimated at 12 liters per 100 km, and fuel (in two 75-l gas tank) allowed to pass without filling more than 1 000 km. Gorky Automobile Plant produced cars of both modifications until 1956 and after production of GAZ-69/69A was transferred to Ulyanovsk. The car was produced until 1972. Jeep became a base for some special military vehicles, such as car radiation and chemical reconnaissance GAZ-69rh and launcher 2P26 of anti-tank missile system 2K15 "Bumblebee". GAZ-69 was widely used in the Soviet Armed Forces and it was also exported in large amounts.
gaz 69 gaz 69 gaz 69 gaz 69
gaz 69 gaz 69 gaz 69 gaz 69
gaz 69

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