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Chevrolet aveo

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Chevrolet aveo found on brand Chevrolet - Aveo
Chevrolet aveo relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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Good afternoon, motorists who are now reading my review!

To begin, we note that the review was written under the influence of first impressions, contains personal opinion, and it is safe to say that over time, will be complemented by an exclusive operational experience.

It should be noted that I have sold my car (brand Aveo, produced in 2009, hatchback, surprising, yellow), a girl who wanted to have a small but comfortable yellow car. Thus, the island was a question of choice and purchase of a new car in my family. At the same time faced a number of challenges when choosing a new vehicle. I had to review many options and many car models, choose the most suitable for me. As a result, it remains to choose from five possible grades produced cars, namely: Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Renault Duster, Volkswagen Polo and Chevrolet Aveo. The upcoming elections was more than difficult, it was explained and significant features of each model and to satisfy specifications. But in the end, he decided to stay on Chevrolet Aveo NEW (sedan) in picking LT (+2 package).

I have chosen also suggest the presence of a broad range of options, such as:
- Heated front seats (driver and passenger);
- Implementation of heating and electric adjustment of the front door mirrors;
- All glass with power windows;
- The ability to control the height and steering on the flight;
- The presence of the front armrest driver of the car;
- Sound System MP3 + Bluetooth + USB (4 speakers) with the option to control the steering wheel car;
- 2 front airbags;
- Air conditioning;
- 2 keys (one that folds with remote opening boot lid);
- 15 inch steel wheels with 195/65 (+ presence hubcaps).

Deficiencies in the car almost none. Except for the lack of official dealers mats and mud flaps for the car.

Chevrolet Aveo

Would like to mention all the advantages of this model car, namely:
- Great look (compatible with all model numbers of brands Chevrolet);
- Performance is excellent interior (kind a union Spark and Cruze);
- Compared to the Aveo lineup the previous generation, the presence of more spacious interior passenger compartment;
- Large amounts of luggage space - 510 liters;
- High technical performance car engine, with a wide range of possible speed (engine - 1.6 liter capacity - 115 hp);
- Significant fuel economy;
- Reliable and high-quality suspension, good performance of control;
- High noise absorption;
- Increasing the vehicle level;
- A large number of different capacities and offices for items;

Thus, there are a lot of positive indicators of the car, with a slight increase of the cost.

chevrolet aveo chevrolet aveo chevrolet aveo chevrolet aveo
chevrolet aveo chevrolet aveo chevrolet aveo

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Chevrolet aveo

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