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Alfa romeo 156 relates to the amazing brand Alfa romeo.
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Alfa Romeo 156 is the car of class golf with the transversal location of engine and front drive, model successor 155. Alfa Romeo 156 First a model was shown in autumn 1997. From January 1999, Alfa Romeo 156 is equipped by a gear-box 2,0 Seeped with the electro-hydraulic switching of transmissions, by a hydro 2,5 Q - System. On a motor show 2000 sporting all-round craftsman was presented in Geneva. Three made to order «sports package» 2000 year include not only the characteristic sports elements of finishing, seat of Recardo and steering wheels of Momo but also high-speed low-profile busses of category of W and imposing back spoiler on a luggage rack. In the standard equipment of all models enter two front and two lateral pillows of safety, and also climatic plug and play. Power aggregates remained without changes. Technical descriptions From the technical point of view in a version 2003 of changes, as compared to previous, were not practically. A back pendant that was given hardly anymore inflexibility was slightly retuned. Also modernizations undergone 1.9 and 2.4 with a capacity of one the L. diesel engines that got the new system of injection of M - Jet. Due to it, motors began to work more quiet and more economical, but for them notably added power. So, at a 1.9 with a capacity of one the liter aggregate power grew on 10 «horse» (from 138 to 148), and at 2.4 - on 25 «horse» (from 148 to 173). Interior Sparing a maximum of attention to the external transforming, designers left to practically untouched a salon that only a year ago cut again cardinally. So, on torpedo, exactly above a central cantilever, the sliding screen of side computer appeared. Alfa Romeo 156 Exterior On the design of model of standard known Italian specialist Giulia Giugiaro worked 2003. Understanding that his predecessors created ideal «appearance» of car practically, adopting designer ideas for the predecessors that created "1900", Juliette and Giulia Giugiaro resorted to the point changes of exterior. He made alteration in facial part of car, licking into to the grate of radiator a shape that is well acquainted on a 159th model. She left off to be «sunk», opposite – «bulged». The chrome-plated horizontal «ribs» appeared also in her. The form of bumper more wide air scoops appeared in that was changed. Also became more narrow and displaced to the center of headlight of head light. In a back-end changes happened too, touching a form luggage racks, bumper and optics.

alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156
alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156 alfa romeo 156
alfa romeo 156

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