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Chevrolet camaro

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Chevrolet camaro found on brand Chevrolet - Camaro
Chevrolet camaro relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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Power - it's not all. Great to have on a powerful car but there are other qualities that overshadow the simple effect. And Chevrolet Camaro 1LE that power proves only - a concept is relative. Aspirated or no, it exactly that Camaro, that is waited by many. So, a main lack of Camaro is inwardly. In a new model 1LE you will find many changes and additions not too, but among innovations it is possible to mark the flat, fabric-covered helm adopted by a line at ZL1. In hands a helm lies pleasantly, besides, upholstering is not heated how skin, but, if honestly, it is an only positive moment in a salon. Rest of salon is still finished by a black plastic with grey accents most worst from that is on each side from the tunnel of prop shaft and in a central panel. Chevrolet Camaro To look at a car looks cheap. Moreover, as in the case of other Camaro, visibility is a main problem. A high «waist» and subzero line of roof create the that awkward feeling, as though you sink in bath, with might and main caught for a helm, as if for a rescue wheel. Shots by a head at a roof during an entrance and exit from a car will become habit, though and will not leave off irritating. Chevrolet engine left virtually untouched. This means that the development of the 6.2-L. LS3 V8 makes 426 horsepower. The fuel pumps of high-cube and six-stage mechanical gear-box of Tremec TR6060 were added. Moreover, a new model was provided with a gear-box with the diminished distance between speeds, adopted at ZL1. And, by the way, Chevrolet will not sell to you 1LE is with six-stage automatic transmission, and, shame to you and disgrace, if you she was wanted in general. Chevrolet Camaro 1LE 1 accelerates in 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h. It is better to look for something better than this, or if you like they do not exceed the limit of what is allowed, you can try. But the real magic begins under this brilliant corps. Let on an instant we will stop and will look, what 1LE does by a soba. A car manufacturer provided with the model more large stabilizations at the front and behind; back semi axis; stretching of transversal stability; lever of regulation of going down of wheels and back shock absorbers again, adopted from ZL1, and also single pipe back shock absorber. Chevrolet Camaro On roads a car is simply wonderful. A corps remains even on turns, and a back-end remains wherein she must be. It is a car that deserves the smooth, exact driving. It is not needed to beat on brakes or pull a helm - then 1LE calmly will bear you on a smooth line, through a turn and, as the saying goes, in endlessness and farther.

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Rasool From IRAN
About photo #5
HI. Are you happy that you have such a reliable and high-power machines., We only use the machines to make fun of China and Korea. I have a 1978 Chevrolet Nova models assembled in America and still works thanks to the technology.
2012-12-23 00:39:08
Ivan Mascia I fell in love with this car when I visited my brother in Canada and saw the car in Vegas USA. Power and more power what a incredible car wish I could own one.
2013-01-17 03:06:06
pamela roe
About photo #1
I think they should call it bumble bee car because it looks like a bumble bee
2013-01-29 12:17:34
Bill Stogdonovich
About photo #1
I think this vehicle is beautiful and good looking! There's just one thing I see that could be improved upon, IT SHOULD BE A FORD! As a rule Chevy's STINK Fords "RULE"! FORDS GOOD, Chevy's STINK!!!!
2013-04-10 04:14:31
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Chevrolet camaro

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