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Ferrari berlinetta

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Ferrari berlinetta relates to the amazing brand Ferrari.
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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the new flagship of the Ferrari brand. It is one of the most powerful and the fastest Ferrari that can been seen on public roads. First appearance of Berlinetta took place at the Motor Show in Geneva in 2012. It was announced that the vehicle will change its predecessor - 599 GTB Fiorano model. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Overall dimensions of the car became a little bit smaller in comparison with 599 GTB Fiorano. It is 47 mm shorter (4618 mm), 20 mm narrowed (1942 mm) and 63 mm shorter (1273 mm). In addition the car became 70 kg lighter (1525 kg) by widespread using of aluminum and some special alloys in the body construction. At the same time body stiffness was increased by 20%. Ferrari Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina Design Company developed design for Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. A lot of the design elements were tested on other Ferrari models. For example, radiator grille, small headlights, LED lights which are outstretched at the fenders can be found on the latest Ferrari cars. Rear lights have traditional round shapes. Exterior of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is very sportive, but without exaggeration and excessive aggression which are very popular among modern sport cars. Body of the car represents the classic two-door coupe with forward moved hood and special developed fenders and doors. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta In general, it is quite conservative vehicle. Interior of the car performed in the same sportive style, but without excessiveness. At the same time it has all the elements which became a business card of Ferrari for a long time. Tachometer placed at the middle of the control panel. Many buttons, levers, switches, designed in the stylish way. Steering wheel is moved down and its lower part is straight. This is also a racing cars attribute. General speaking it is a luxury car interior with sporty features. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta offers only one version of the engine – gasoline V12-type with the volume of 6,3 liters and 740 hp. Torque - 690 Nm. Also it equipped with seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. Engine situated at the front side and the transmission at the rear side.

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ferrari berlinetta

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