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Kia sportage relates to the amazing brand Kia.
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The debut of Sportage road model was held in 1994. The attractive design, comfortable interior, compact size (3760x1730x1650 mm) and low price have made Kia Sportage one of the most popular and the most selling road cars. The car was produced with several types of bodies: three-door short wheelbase (2360 mm) or long base (2650 mm) and five-door body with the length of 4245 mm. In addition to the closed bodies the short-based version with a soft canvas top over the rear (convertible) was added. Also there was a Grand Sportage model with a longer rear overhang, which was not supplied for the export. Kia Sportage Sportage of 2011 is longer, wider and lower than the previous model - by 90 mm, 15 mm and 60 mm, actually. Ground clearance of 170 mm to 195 mm of its predecessor. With such a ground clearance, talkings about off-road qualities of the car are not necessary. In addition overhangs were incrased too: front one was incrased to 10 mm, and rear one was incrased to 70 mm. The new geometry of the body makes the car only of "asphalt" (especially if we would compare it with the first generation of Sportage, which was generally RAMS). Weight was decreased to 91 kg instead the previous model. The body became more streamlined. Its drag coefficient was decreased from 0.4 Cd to 0.37 Cd. Traditionally, the salon of the car is for five passengers. The design of the interior is fully consistents with the class of car. Ergonomics of the driver's seat is at a decent level. Blocks of the audio and climate control are carried on the different levels. "Lambs" are comfortable, the buttons are large, the numbers on both displays are easy for reading. The block of audio-system has a USB-audio jack, which is activated automatically when you connect it to a flash drive. Seats are tight and comfortable. The leather interior of the salon is available only in the most expensive configurations, and heated seats, including the rear ones, are the "base" in version of Comfort models Kia Sportage KIA Sportage models the 2011 comes complitated with three types of 2-liter engines: this is a diesel (136 hp), the turbo-diesel (184 hp) or diesel (150 hp) power unit. For the petrol engine they offer or a 5-speed manual either 6-speed "automatic", for the diesel version they offer only "automatic". The third-generation model in the petrol version can be not only full, but a single too. KIA Sportage «diesel" is only all-wheel drive. Cars for the European market are equipped with the system of «Start / Stop», which turns off the engine during stoppings and re-starts it at the beginning of the movement. This solution can reduce significantly the fuel consumption and emissions. For the markets of the Old World Kia Sportage is produced in Europe (Slovakia).

kia sportage kia sportage kia sportage kia sportage
kia sportage kia sportage kia sportage kia sportage
kia sportage

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Kia sportage

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