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Scania r relates to the amazing brand Scania.
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Scania is a truck that has a lot of advantages. New car model has no major changes. He looks a little bit different. This decision was made by the manufacturer due to successful design of previous models. This decision is an aesthetic and practical. The main difference is the increase of series air flow to the radiator. Now the radiator grille is made of polished silver. Previously, it was gray. Bumper has also changed. Form of its was more relief. Besides the parking lights were installed over the frontal window. Looking at the tractor now see his spoiler. This spoiler improves aerodynamics and fuel economy by 2 percent. Now a new tank holds 700 liters of fuel. But you can order a car with 1000 liter tank. Scania Car interior has changed. There are storage compartments and improved sleeping compartment. It affected the greater convenience and comfort. Interior of the car, you can choose yourself when buying it. The instrument panel has become more comfortable and ergonomic. There are dials which improved graphics. Also there are a trip computer and a disk recorder. The researchers of the car was found that the rise of the hill did not stop its movement. It is easily moved. This is due to the new system that locks the wheels 4 seconds. Also, there is a system by which fuel economy is 10 percent. It is installed in all kinds of cars r- series . Electronics informs drivers of parameters such as fuel consumption, speed, etc. Scania The system makes tracking some parameters. There are sensors that monitor the ride, braking gear selection and distance. The car is also called "smart" because of these parameters. Addition, the machine has a retarder which reduces its speed. Through the display, you can watch your weaknesses while driving. If the user runs the car badly it shows less than 100 percent. The sensor can be controlled by your voice operator. Scania truck was named "International Truck" in the world. It showed the company win a fourth time. Thousands of people use this car. Cost of the car is not much besides.

scania r scania r scania r scania r
scania r scania r scania r scania r
scania r

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