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Scania 113

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Scania 113 relates to the amazing brand Scania.
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For the first time a wide range of cabover tractors Scania 113 was presented to the Swedish company producing 10 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show 1988. In March of that year, many European companies have begun to actively buy and operate these cars are available with two axles: 4x2 and 6x2. Initially, the model of this series, which in common parlance is called "third series", equipped with 11-liter 6-cylinder engine DSC 11-22 EDC 360 hp. In 1991, manufacturers began installing a less powerful engine - 320 horsepower, but soon a number of reasons to refuse it. Last modification of the vehicle was equipped with a 380-horsepower engine capacity of 11 liters with a manual 8-speed or 14-speed transmission ZF. The car has air brakes. Wheelbase of 3.8 m. Total weight of the train is 52 tons. Scania 113 Scania 113 - quite reliable and "not very slow" car in its class. Last modified Scania 113 were equipped system called "cruise control". This system is clearly monitored given vehicle speed and fairly "aggressive" adds power when it was needed. Air suspension and in addition to the presence of her cab air suspension driver's seat and immediately create a sense of comfort and significantly facilitate driving. Tall cabin roof adds more interior, while maintaining good aerodynamic performance car. Also in the booth located on the engine, there are 2 beds. Scania 113 Experts welcomed the fact that the large side mirrors while driving, creating a lot of noise from outside, but the cabin was quiet. Model Scania R113 380 is the champion in fuel economy. Also the car has a comparatively low cost of maintenance. The total capacity of the tanks in these tractors is in 4x2 - 1,000 liters (outside the core is possible to put additional tanks), and when the formula 6x2, the fuel tank is designed for only 500 liters of fuel oddly enough. Front mounted spring suspension, rear - air suspension. Some models of Scania 113 have a power, perhaps more than is even necessary. Also distinctive performance car is its excellent economic performance is achieved due to the low fuel consumption and the relatively low cost of maintenance.
scania 113 scania 113 scania 113 scania 113
scania 113 scania 113 scania 113 scania 113
scania 113

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Scania 113

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