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Willys jeep relates to the amazing brand Willys.
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The Willys Jeep may be the most well known US Army Jeep there is with a great history that started in 1941. Not only is it well known in the US Army, it considered the iconic World War II vesicle that caused the production of many similar light utility vehicles in the after war years. When the war was over the Willys military model became a "CJ" (civilian) Jeep that you might be familiar with as it is found in almost every city today. Willys Jeep The production of the Willys Jeep didn’t start until the World War II started. There were some difficulties of finding light cross-country vehicle construction that would match the military demands. So with the tension in the world of late 30-s, US Army decided to make a tender between the American auto manufacturers. With the imprecise requirements from the military command the search for a perfect vehicle lasted until 1940. When the war started there was no more time for the development and the manufacturers were given 70 days to built and test their model. Only two companies entered the competition, the Willys-Overland Motors and the American Bantam Car Company. Willys-Overland Motors eventually won and the first ever Willys Jeep was born. The first available body style was the two-door vehicle with the plastic steering wheel, steel seats and slitted Wartime front lights. The control panel was equipped with speedometer, thermometer, and also showed the oil pressure. The light switch button was safely covered so you couldn’t accidently turn the lights on. The engine options included the 2.2 liter I4 engine with the Go Devil version that had 134 cu in. Transmissions were presented by the three-speed T-84 manual and the two-speed transfer case. The wheelbase of the first Willys Jeep was 80 inches and the full hydraulic brakes were installed on all four wheels. Willys Jeep Later generations of this vehicle were equipped with every possible feature that was available at the time of their production. The simple Jeep with steel seats and plastic steering wheel transformed into the most loved American Jeep around the world.

willys jeep willys jeep willys jeep willys jeep
willys jeep willys jeep willys jeep willys jeep

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dileep singh i need a willys jeep original hw much its costs in india
2013-04-13 02:45:15
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Willys jeep

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