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John deere tractor

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John deere tractor relates to the amazing brand John deere.
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Deere & Company, the one that used to make John Deere tractors was founded in 1876, the same year it began making tractors. The first ever John Deere tractor was called the Waterloo Boy and the production of this one started in 1892. The sales of this series continued until 1923. John Deere tractor When the Waterloo Boy line was discontinued in 1923 Company’s management decided to replace it with the Model D that was designed by Muir L. Frey. The production of this series lasted until 1953 and the total amount of over 160,000 tractors were made. The first ever John Deere Model D had a 2-cylinder engine that had a 27 hp (20 kW) of capacity. The old steel wheels were replaced on this series with the solid rubber tires, the new engine was also added in the following years of production, and another 501 cu/in engine was added to the John Deere tractor of the first Model D generation. Another series appeared in 1928 that was called the GP (general purpose) series. Although this model had the same capacity and horsepower as the old series, it was really popular on the market. With the success it brought to the Company five more versions of this generation of John Deere tractors appeared. There was the standard GP tractor that was built until 1935; the two-wheel GP-Tricycle produced between 1928 and 1929; the GP Wide-Tread that was produced from 1929 until 1933; the GP Wide-Tread Series P designed to suit potato rows with production lasted for only 1930 year and finally the General Purpose Orchard John Deere tractor made from 1931 until 1935. Another model appeared in 1935. The Model A was equipped with a 25 hp powered 309 CID engine supplemented with a four-speed transmission. This series had even more models than the D line had and included eight variations. . John Deere tractor The thing that connected all of the series during the entire time of Deere & Company existence was the look of their tractors. Each model no matter of the generation and series was colored in green and had these huge yellow wheels. That was the absolute trademark of the company that made the John Deere tractors unique and very recognizable.

john deere tractor john deere tractor john deere tractor john deere tractor
john deere tractor john deere tractor john deere tractor john deere tractor
john deere tractor

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