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Tesla roadster

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Tesla roadster relates to the amazing brand Tesla.
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Tesla Roadster is sporting electric auto, first car of the Californian firm Tesla Motors. The company is renowned for its production of the vehicles for years, and that is typical for a leading company, sales revenues are paying the full costs of production, and more. Official presentation took place on July 19, 2006 in Santa Monica, California. Tesla Roadster is able to be dispersed to 100 km/h less than for 4 seconds. High speed force limits 201,1 km/h. The charge of Li-ion batteries lasts the 300-400 km the Complete charging of accumulators occupies 3,5 hour. A cost of base model is 109 000 dollars. A mass production, on the statement of company, began on March, 17, 2008, although the real supplying to the customers began on a few months later. Tesla Roadster To September, 2009 700 roadsters was sold and more than 1000 pre-orders are accepted on the new model of car model S. She is positioned as replacement to the ordinary car, has an option of choice of accumulator on 160, 260 and 300 miles of run without charging. Acceleration to 100 km/h for 5,6 seconds, rapid charging of accumulator on 75 and 45 minutes. Cost 49 thousand dollars taking into account the grant of government of the USA. Beginning of production is set on an end 2010 year. In May 2010, the company Tesla Motors got from Toyota the 50 million dollars of investments on that purchased the closed plant of NUMMI (Fremont, state California), before belonging Toyota. Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore Tesla plans to sell Roadster to beginning 2012 year, as a contract with Lotus on delivery 2500 machines elapsed at the end of 2011. A company left off to accept requests at the American market in August, 2011. The next generation of this model it is planned to present in 2014, here she will be founded on a base Model S. Tesla Roadster On the international Detroit motor show 2010 the anniversary copy of Tesla Roadster was shown. A leader Tesla Elon Musk reported with gladness, that a company had produced 1000 electric roadsters of Tesla Roadster. Thousandth Tesla Roadster differs in the unique finishing of interior with hydro carboxylic insertions. His price makes 175 thousand dollars, and the facilities rescued from his sale will be pointed at eleemosynary needs. Brabus Brabus showed the finished off version of roadster on Motor Show in Essen of November 29, 2008. The main feature of the finished off car is a «generator of surrounding sound».

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tesla roadster

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cecil crawford i have to say that, i think America has suffered from self indulgence for many years now, which has cause it to take it's eye off the ball but when it finds itself with it's back against the wall, it will come up with world beating idea's and product's, i think tesla cars are superb, state of the art, if all the thinking that goes in to creating these car's, was also put in to, putting america back on top, and on track, we would have people on mars by now keep up the good work, and keep the pressure on
2012-12-30 13:40:28

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