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Bmw alpina found on brand BMW - Alpina
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BMW-ALPINA is a German company, which specializes on the production of small elite series of cars on the platform of BMW concern. The same name model, BMW Alpina is picked up manually. The exterior of these series mostly do not differ a lot from the similar BMW models. Particularly, the difference is in invariable for all Alpina 12-spoke alloy wheels, efficient renewed spoilers on front and rear ends, the golden application along the body side and original nameplates. The prides of the company are the modernizations of the suspension, in the engine and in the salon. BMW Alpina The engine of the BMW Alpina is collected by the only person with the adjustment and finishing of the details. After this, the engine gets mechanical treatment. In conclusion, the sign with the serial number and the personal mark of the master. The suspension, the steering management and the brakes are thoroughly reworked, too. As the result, the car gets the individual design thou the outside look remains mostly the same. The expansive leathern salon is made by individual plan. The proprietary mark is the 2-color (dark blue and green) seam. The trunk has the characteristic trait – the box with several original Alpina’s bottles of wine from its own vineyards. The BMW Alpina models are as rule equipped with the up-to-date technical sets. The BMW Alpina is a powerful RWD car with the capacity of 238-300 horsepower. The first model BMW Alpina B3 has the 3.3 cc 6-cylinder engine. It was presented for the first time during the Motor Show in Geneva in 1996. It could provide the maximum speed of 266 km / h. BMW Alpina In September 2003 Alpina presented the own, reworked version of the roadster BMW Z4 under the name Alpina Roadster S. The 3L 6-cylinder engine of the original BMW Z4 has been changed by reworked 3.4 L with the capacity of 300 horsepower. The car can accelerate to 100 km / h at 5.3 sec. The maximum speed is 265 km / h. It also equipped with new aerodynamic wind breaker and the modernized interior. This model car is the showing of wellbeing of its owner.

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bmw alpina

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Bmw alpina

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