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Chevrolet spark found on brand Chevrolet - Spark
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Hi everybody. I want to share my impressions of the ownership of my car – Chevrolet “SPARK” for potential owners who are looking for and, therefore, doubt.

The car was chosen for my wife. She doesn’t work, so I had chosen best one to ride around the town. My wife is newbie driver, so I had chosen low-power and small cars to minimize damage to herself and the others, and of course automatic car. There weren’t a lot of choosing options for new cars, but I noted some best ones - Kia Picanto, Citroen C1, Chevrolet Spark and Suzuki Splash. Minimum price starts from 405 000 Rubles Kia Picanto and a Citroen C1 without CD PLAYER. Spark with automatic transmission in a single version for $ 14,699, but with radio and air conditioning for 14 inch wheels with full size spare wheel. In the end, I had chosen Spark because of its price, and the options look.

My first impression

For $ 14,700, I recently took my father Chevrolet Tahoe (second hand) - powerful machine like an elephant running ahead. It wasn’t the feeling that he had bought a toy - fun, in general. Assembly, as it turned out of Korea, but it can be seen: the doors, not very tight fitting, plastic inside the crooked places screwed, or not until the end of clinging - well, we're not proud, ceiling interior can strengthen themselves, heated seats confused right to the left.

chevrolet spark

The front seats are too narrow (a few words about me - 180 cm, 83 kg, gray eyes), I didn’t feel myself comfortable, but these properties don’t cause her (briefly about her - 160 cm, 45 kg, eyes ...).

Interior is surprisingly spacious, but in the process of active steering when I was parking I hit my left elbow on the door and there is no space to put elbows, both of them. You have to put them on your feet. The trunk is small, but a couple of sports bags endure. The rear seats fold down to the end only if you will strongly move up forward front, and put them behind the wheel, short-legged Chinese. Front overview is seriously cut by the left front desk and ... salon mirror - the feeling is that 15% of the windshield and it is, and if you don’t lower the seat to the maximum down - the 15% most interesting, in the sense of the review in front of your hood. You can also fix the left side, by pushing the seat all the way back. Rear view of a salon mirror quite boring – small tailgate window, rear door windows do not get. I have no prejudice to the information content using a salon mirror to look after children in the rear seats. Mirrors side has also clear design, so that you had to turn active your head.

chevrolet spark chevrolet spark chevrolet spark chevrolet spark
chevrolet spark chevrolet spark chevrolet spark chevrolet spark

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Chevrolet spark

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