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Opel p4

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Opel p4 relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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«Opel p4» the small car which was made by international company «Opel» From September, 1935 till December, 1937 at factories of the company in Germany represents was let out more than 65864 units of the car «Opel p4». Thus designers and designers of the company have developed new model on the basis of model of the car «Opel 1,2 Liter», but have a little changed its design of the ex-terrier and an interior. The car was made in current of two years, and in a consequence, has been replaced with model «Opel Kadett» which was issued since 1936. For the first time the car has been presented to general public per 1935. opel p4 It is necessary to note, that «Opel 1,2 liter» was issued since July, 1931. Conceptually and technically the car was similar on the car «Opel 1,8 liter» which has been started all in 6 months. Thus cars significantly differed in the sizes of blocks of cylinders. In the car with the engine in volume of 1,8 liters there were 6 cylinders. On change to these models of cars has come «Opel p4». The control over company «Opel» has been redeemed «General Motors» in 1928, thus, the future models were developed already in America, the inexpensive cars directed on manufacture. The wheel base of the car is considered ideal for this model of the car. The car differed high parameters of a maneuverability, due to small weight. The weight of the car makes 755 kg. The manufacturer suggests the buyer to get the car in several colors: dark blue and dark blue. Thus lateral wings are painted in black color. The folding top of the car is made of a grey canvas. Designers and designers of the company have paid significant attention to an internal interior of the car. The instrument panel is equipped by 2 dials with illumination. Also in this part gauges of fuel and oil are located. On the central panel switches of optical system and indexes of turn are located. In salon there is a branch for storage of fine things. On the right wing of the car the spare wheel is located. opel p4 The engine of the car «Opel p4» is created on the basis of the power unit of model «Opel 1,2 liter» with water cooling. The volume of the engine makes 1,1 liters and capacity of 23 horsepower’s at 3400 turns in a minute. The maximal speed of the car makes 85 kilometers at an o'clock. Fuel moves the petrol pump which is established on the power unit. The petrol tank contains 25 liters of fuel and is located behind the back bridge.

opel p4 opel p4 opel p4 opel p4
opel p4 opel p4 opel p4 opel p4

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