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Perodua viva

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Perodua viva relates to the amazing brand Perodua.
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«Perodua viva» the city car which is made in Malaysia by experts of international company «Perodua» represents. For the first time the new car has been presented to general public in May, 2007. Initially, heads of the company planned, that the new vehicle will replace city models of cars – «PeroduaKancil» and «Perodua Kelisa». Thus later, after start in manufacture of model «Perodua viva» have decided to sell this model instead of model «Perodua Kelisa», and manufacture of model «PeroduaKancil» - to leave without variations. It is necessary to note, that new car «Perodua viva» is designed on the basis of the seventh generation of car «DaihatsuMira». Thus all models «Perodua viva» use engines «DaihatsuDVVT». It is necessary to note, that last model of the car is available to buyers in a base complete set with additional options to which availability of 2 pillows of a security and system «ABS» concerns. perodua viva Car «Perodua viva» perfectly approaches for realization of trips on city all family. Also it differs fine parameters of maneuverability, owing to the small dimensions and weight. Dimensions of car «Perodua viva» make: wheel base – 23900 mm, length – 3575 mm, width – 1475 mm, height – 1530 mm. The equipped weight of the new car makes 755 kg (1664 pounds). It is necessary to note, that the car differs a small turning radius that does by its ideal vehicle at movement on city. Inside the car differs simplicity of an interior; also there are enough seats for 5 adult passengers who can comfortably be placed on a back and forward seat. Designers have developed a simple suspension bracket for the given model of the car, levers of a suspension bracket and a rack of shock-absorbers from company «MacPherson» are in front located. In a back part the car is equipped by a longitudinal beam of the bridge and longitudinal levers. Designers optimized geometry of a suspension bracket, for increase of parameters of steering management and comfort at movement of the car. Also models are equipped by the amplifier of steering management and the forward stabilizer. perodua viva The given model of the car is delivered with 3 versions of the power unit: in volume of 0,66 liters (capacity of 50 horsepower’s at 7200 turns in a minute; a twisting instant – 58 Nanometers at 4400 turns in a minute), 0,85 liters (capacity – 53 horsepower’s at 6000 turns in the minute, twisting instant – 76 Nanometers at 4000 turns in a minute) and 1,0 liters (capacity of 61 horsepower’s, a twisting instant – 60 Nanometers at 3600 turns in a minute). At manufacturing engines, recent advances of a science are used: systems «DVVT» and «EFI» are established.

perodua viva perodua viva perodua viva perodua viva
perodua viva perodua viva perodua viva perodua viva
perodua viva

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