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Mazda bt-50

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Mazda bt-50 relates to the amazing brand Mazda.
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Сar advantages:

Loading capacity



Favorable ratio price \consumer qualities

Car shortcomings:

Miscalculations of designers of cars (to write the decision if it is in brackets):

The radiator is below poorly protected (the underride protection was established);

The protective front grille not enough. The radiator is damaged by stones and water under pressure (the brass grid was in addition established);

There is no rear bumper (There is no rear bumper);

Low transfer number, high minimum speed, high maximum speed (I want, probably, to put a wheel of smaller diameter);

The transfer gear case and a gasoline tank is too low located;

Wrong characteristics of forward shock-absorbers. There is roll frequency;

Without connection of the forward bridge it is impossible to include the lowered speed;

The weak heater of salon and besides is absent option of air heating of at the same time top and lower part of the car;

There is no heating of automobile mirrors;

There is no towing eye behind;

After a long choice of the car I decided to choose BT. This car bypassed the competitors of L200 new and hover from China.

Main criteria of a choice:

4Ñ…4 and lowered speed, blocking of interaxal diff;

On rest it is possible to carry on this car of 4-5 passengers and 500 kg of freight, or opportunity to carry on work to 1 ton of freight;

Diesel engine;

The cost of the car is up to $23 000;

mazda bt-50

Among the BT series I chose a complete set №2, because of anti-lock braking system existence and existence of universal truck tires on steel disks. Car run little more than 6000 km. From this fact it is possible to draw certain conclusions. My “Big Turtle” quite surely copes with burdens of work by truck. The car made many flights to long distances with a full body of a brick, sand or cement. Before purchase of this car it seemed that it is simpler to employ the car for transportation of goods, but it became clear that in two years it is acquisition will pay off. It is very economic car on a consumption of diesel fuel. The consumption of diesel fuel makes 7 liters on 100 km. In too time it is quite fast car. The convenient arrangement of a body, its big capacity very much pleases me. the counter-balanced forklift can load the standard pallet with a brick directly into a body of my car.

mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50
mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50 mazda bt-50

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Mazda bt-50

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