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Siata spring 850

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Siata spring 850 relates to the amazing brand Siata.
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«Siata spring 850» - this model one of the first cars of company «Siata» who has been let out after the company has lead all necessary marketing research and in detail has analyzed the automobile market. The car «Siata spring 850» manufactures of company «ORSA» is the Italian car made in Sardinia. siata spring 850 In 1970 «Siata» leaves business owing to bankruptcy, but not looking at it, release of model «Siata spring 850» does not stop. It is connected by that the group of young businessmen has counted given models of the car perspective for the further manufacture. And owing to financing from «Cassa Mezzogiorno» they form company «ORSA» (shop on manufacture Sarde Automobili) which will continue to build «Siata spring 850». On a vehicle the mechanics from the Spanish car, with forward disk brakes and the engine of 0,9 liters from «Fiat 850 Coupe», at an own factory in Cagliari will be established. It is necessary to note, that after oil crisis the company will stop manufacture of the given model of the car. And per 1975 it should transform it. The car significantly differs from other models of cars of competitors the unique external design of the ex-terrier. The greater, chrome plated bar of a radiator is in front established. Also here the innovative optical system which will consist of 2 round headlights is established. The optical system and the chrome plated bar of a radiator are ideally entered in the ex-terrier of the car. Dimensions of the car «Siata spring 850» make; length – 3457 mm; width – 1400 mm; weight – 720 kg. siata spring 850 The body of the car has been designed as model «Fiat 850». As on a vehicle the power unit from «Fiat 850», is established by volume of 0,8 liters which allows the car to accelerate momentum up to 125 kilometers at an o'clock. On the car were the greater wheel base which on the outside gives a stylish type of model is established. On the car, already manufactures of company «ORSA» is established the new power unit, volume 0,9, capacity of 47 horsepower’s and therefore new disk brakes. The mechanics remains constant. It has been made about 3500 copies which have been sold in the various countries, such as Italy, France, Germany and the USA.
siata spring 850 siata spring 850 siata spring 850 siata spring 850
siata spring 850 siata spring 850 siata spring 850 siata spring 850
siata spring 850

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