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Daihatsu cuore found on brand Daihatsu - Cuore
Daihatsu cuore relates to the amazing brand Daihatsu.
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The charming small car, has the name Daihatsu Cuore. We received this car in September 2006 to Hamburg, Germany. It operated about 35 000 kilometers. This small car has interesting feature: the hatchback has three doors. In automobile black color. It has the minimum set. The car has a mechanical box which is capable to switch speeds.

When we bought this car, chose three parameters: Japan has to be the country in which made the car, fuel has to spend less than 6 liters for 100 kilometers, the engine has to have a volume of 1 liter, the price in Germany has to make less than $4000. This very small sum, not enough to buy the whole car. The car is necessary for us, bought the broken car. The left side was broken. The mirror wasn't. Glass which the door had, wasn't. All listed shortcomings aren't so important. Spare parts can be bought in shop. The car well begins movement with a place. From a place where there was a traffic light, the car went quickly. Surprisingly! Motor show the very spacious. Luggage compartment of this car the very big. There 3 or 4 packages with food can be located. The small size of the car allows to carry out easily maneuvers on the highway. Very good system of heating, can quickly heat a motor show. Pedestrians pay attention to design and the unfamiliar name of the car. The car well transfers rainy weather. Dampness won't be able to harm to the car. The paving is very bad. It didn't damage the car. The car is very pleasant to us. The price corresponds to quality!

We do council to the buyer:
The car will be pleasant to the girl who is a student
It is convenient for the woman who has a large number of children more to meet children after school
For the person who has not enough money. He can't often buy gasoline

Daihatsu Cuore 2006 Advantages:
- Maneuverability
- Fuel is slowly spent (4 – 5 liters)
- Quality corresponds to Japan
- the car has the small size
- car very economical
- the car can move to roads which have a bad covering

- The car is covered with plastic
- Wheels have a small size
- Noise isolation has a bad quality
daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore
daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore daihatsu cuore

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Daihatsu cuore

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