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Mazda 626

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Mazda 626 found on brand Mazda - 626
Mazda 626 relates to the amazing brand Mazda.
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First Mazda 626 appeared in 1979 at the American market. This was the rather crowded rear wheel drive car, equipped by the 2 L. four engine of SOHC by power of 75 hp. Mazda 626 Index 626 carries all Left Hand Drive cars of Mazda. Analogical models with a right helm were produced in Japan under the name Capella. Due to the separately lean back of back seats of Mazda 626 on capaciousness went out from the American class of compact «disks». On European measurements Mazda 626 belongs to the middle class of cars (to the size class of D). The series of baskets at 626th were marked in two a letter – «G» is a letter for all series 626 and the second Latin letter designating the basket of concrete modification directly. Model history 626 – it modifications of GC are producing (1983-1987), GD is producing (1987-1993), GE is producing with 1992, GV (all-round craftsman) is producing (1988-1994), GF is producing with 1997, GW is producing with 1998 Officially the last car went out from the conveyer of August, 30 2002 in the USA, but in Colombia cars were collected up to 2006). On European classification Mazda 626 belonged to D to the class, in North America of modification of CB and GC belonged to compact to the cars, GD, GE and GF - to the middle cars. Mazda 626 with an index NE was the first car in a line. A machine was RWD, with the front location of engine. On Mazda 626 CB was set two petrol 2 L. four cylinders SOHC of engine, by power 80 and 75 horse accordingly. Car practically nothing differed in from Mazda Capella that was produced for the internal Japanese market. Presently at the home market of the used cars of this generation does not meet practically. Mazda 626 GC came on changing to the generation of CB. A drive was replaced from back to front. The line of engines broadened. Mazda 626

On the car set:

Mazda 626 GC was completed a five step mechanical gear-boxes, three-stage and four step automats.

Front pendant – McPherson back – independent.

Mazda 626 with the index of GD appeared in 1988. On the car set:

• 4-cylinder petrol engines by volume;

• 2,2 L. – by power 115 and 145 hp;

• 2,0 L. – by power 90 and 148 L.;

• 1,8 L. – by power of 90 hp;

• 1,6 L. – by power of 80 hp;

The interior of Mazda 626 always differed in carefully thought out and ergonomics and created on principle «simply, but with taste». The last modifications of car (GD, GE, GF) on the sizes excelled the first (CB, GC), that promoted the comfort of exploitation of car considerably. Mazda 626 differs in quality finishing materials, comfortable panel of devices and carefully thought out of location of basic custom controls. A luggage rack always differed in a large volume and small landing height.
mazda 626 mazda 626 mazda 626 mazda 626
mazda 626 mazda 626 mazda 626 mazda 626
mazda 626

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Mazda 626

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