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Audi a7 found on brand Audi - A7
Audi a7 relates to the amazing brand Audi.
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The world premiere of the new Audi A7 Sportback has taken place. As announced and previously promised on the eve the official presentation of the newest model of the manufacturer from Ingolstadt. The ceremonial event was held with a large participation of journalists from all the world and other guests who had the opportunity to see the new one of the first in the world in the Art Museum of Contemporary Art in Munich. The design of the new Audi A7 is the pride of the Germans.

New mostly retained features of the concept which was shown in 2009 at the International Auto Show in Detroit but some of them - a completely new idea not only in the design of the German mark but also in automotive design in general. You can literally count on one hand to list cars that can compete with the new Audi A7 and oppose something beautiful designer symbiosis new grille bi-xenon headlights updated with LEDs large air intakes and coupe body as a whole. audi a7 We doesn't have possibility to find modern models who can compete with the new Audi A7 and oppose something more beautiful than combination new grille renewed bi-xenon headlights with LEDs large air intakes and coupe body in total. Perhaps this is the only new generation Mercedes CLS who will be submitted in 2011 and the Porsche Panamera. Deserve close attention new design ideas used in the new product. The Germans established a new grille new items have made a more low nose narrowed front optics and made a line that rises sharply from nose to tail minimizing the rear overhang of the vehicle. New Audi chief designer Stefan was Sielaf who said at the presentation of the model that his team has created and looked at the development of A7 as on model completely different from the A6 and A8. audi a7 Interior of innovations was worked so efficiently and thoughtfully it is impossible to describe in words. Of course there are photos was published by us what you can see the new Audi in the salon but I think that no one description can compare with the feeling that people experience only inside. In finishing salon uses only the highest quality and expensive materials: real wood very thin skin easy and polished aluminum and fine Alcantara. Furthermore the model has retained the so-called "circular line" instrument panel what was also featured on the concept in Detroit. To do this designers used a folding TFT monitor is tightly formed in the middle of the panel to create fine lines in the middle panel.

audi a7 audi a7 audi a7 audi a7
audi a7 audi a7 audi a7 audi a7
audi a7

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