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Recently I went for a drive on car Fiat Ideа in Germany, it seems the car was released in 2005, but here it isn’t sold. I was impressed by this car, even I haven't heard about this model of car. Fiat Idea is microvan , based on the Punto’s frame that before the Grande’s. Fiat Idea is very compact and has beautiful design inside and outside of car (like all models of Fiat). In my native country where I live I used to driving a car that the same of Fiat, but its Opel Meriva. In my opinion Fiat Idea is more interesting.

Quality of car assembly is perfect, without any chinks, uneven junctions and chattering of panels, like old Fiat models had it. In the passenger compartment of Fiat Idea is very ample, has a clear half a roof hatch, standard blaupunkt audio system: MP3 music with the subwoofer – sounds cool. Most importantly this car has 95 horse power and 6 fixed-ratio transmission. In automobile show the car had 170 km\h top speeds, but it smelled very well.

fiat idea

The average consumption is about 8.5- litre, if you drive a car in the city. The handle a manual transmission in the central console give short switching and exact; the suspension is quite enough hard, but on the track has never pierced (the was rented, I solved to test it). After keen maneuvers it wasn’t unsteady, but helm started being a little lightweight. Instead of steering booster there is strong electric assist that makes you forget about car.

In whole car was made for the city, but most of all for young people, maybe for active recreation? For the week of sojourn I have seen eight cars of this model, most of them with sport luggage rack on the roof, and one was with high clearance and plastic dodger it seems like as an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Moreover, I have saw there absolutely real clone of Fiat Idea – its Lancia Musa, this car used generally by stylish women. Though, the car is reasonably priced there. Who knows, maybe soon we will have chance to buy one of this cars: Fiat Idead or Lancia Musa. I would like to buy Lancia Musa.

I advice to you, it’s very useful travelling by car sometimes

fiat idea fiat idea fiat idea fiat idea
fiat idea fiat idea fiat idea fiat idea

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