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Aston Martin B12 Vanquish
Aston Martin B12 Vanquish

Debut B12 vanquish (born \"Winner\") was held in 2000. The car has become the new flagship of the lineup Aston Martin. Available in two versions: with the landing formula 2 +2 Double or closed. In the form of the body reflects all the traditional features of the car Aston Martin: the rapidity, dynamism, recessed lights, closed transparent fairing. As opposed to the DB7 increased area of ​​the grille, which gives the car a more aggressive look, and the headlights and turn signals are now performed as a single unit.

With its powerful engine and the use of lightweight materials, the model has gained tremendous driving characteristics. Complementing the picture an abundance of electronics. All the information is processed on-board computer (which, according to the engineers, can carry up to 2 million instructions per second) is displayed, and the most important is duplicated voice.

The interior is a complete departure from the philosophy of Aston Martin. Beauty filled ponderous detail and cold gleam of aluminum. From the English style are preserved only elegant dials, round watch in a retro style and dominant in the center console red starter button. The quality of finishing materials and meticulous workmanship at the highest level. 12-cylinder in-engine volume of 6 liters and 450 hp able to accelerate the car to \"hundreds\" of 4.7 seconds and a top speed - 306 km / h The maximum torque of 556 N • m at 5000 r / min.

In developing the engine designers was the main task of his ease, while increasing capacity. 6.3 kg reduced weight crankshaft (it balances applied 8 instead of 12), hollow camshafts saved 5.4 kg, 4 kg more benefited from precision casting and changes in the design of collectors. Oil sump capacity decreased from 12 to 9.5 liters. As a result, engine weighs 290 kg. 

Vanquish is equipped with a full arsenal of electronic driver\'s assistant: ABS, EBD, TCS and system WSP (Wheel Spin Protection), which prevents wheel spin on slippery road that forces the transmission of the motor at low speed (3200 r / min) and the brakes slipping wheels, using braking system. Curbed heroic strength Aston Martin designed and limited-slip differential, which works together with the WSP.

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