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Chrysler ME
Chrysler ME

The Americans call Chrysler ME - \"Four-Twelve\". There is kind of dynamics in this combination of words, which is neglecting the standard accepted rules and even a hint of aviation. This car with middle capacity engine and rear-wheel drive acceleration can beat not only regular cars, but also many superbikes. For example, it could go a quarter of a mile in just 10.6 seconds, which is quite good result even for a dragster. Despite it represents the category of supercars, it is still belongs to roadsters. The vehicle can reach maximal speed of 400 km/h and this is the official data.

So the car fits all the requirements to receive the title with two prefix \"super\". The best at the moment six-liter V12 AMG, engine was work further by the experts of Chrysler. Power of all-aluminum engine with consistent fuel injection and two turbochargers is 850 horsepower at 5750 r/min. Torque is 1150 Nm in the range from 2500 to 4500 rev/min. All that wonderful equipment it is located in the body of the vehicle with weight of just 1310 kg! It is easy to calculate and understand the real power of the car, which made Chrysler ME 412 the best vehicle in its class. It is also equipped with 7-speed manual transmission Ricardo with double clutch. It is clear that the body of the supercar was built using the most advanced materials and technologies. Most of the parts are performed in sport style.

Suspension, steering and brake system could be moved directly from the concept to a race car. Front suspension has double aluminum levers, horizontal situated opposed dampers and electronically controlled compression. Even the designers of the car speak of him with enthusiasm. The project lasted about a year. The fact is that until the project was completed, from the idea to the finished car, the designers were divided into small groups of highly tailored specialists, many saw the whole car only at the end of work. \"ME 412 has become one of the most guarded secrets, not only to the outside world, but also in the organization - said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President of the company.

What do you think about this vehicle?

Fred Friendley I don't care about this car at all. What Chrysler needs to concentrate on is building a decent regular road car with much higher quality and materials than they currently do. I just drove a Dodge Charger and the thing felt so cheaply made it reminded me of a Yugo. The design inside and out was very nice as is typical of Chrysler but it feels like it is made out of tin cans and the cheapest plastic they could find. Further, steering and brakes were very twitchy, the engine noise was very high and sounded like it already had a couple hundred thousand miles on it (the car was brand new) with plenty of mechanical noise and vibration. I think that Chrysler should buy a few Hondas and Toyotas to study for fit and finish and not release another car to be sold unless it exceeds that level of quality. If not then I predict that they will be failing AGAIN in a few years.
2013-03-07 11:23:48
car nut looks likes a super car! i just don't like the lines
2013-03-27 16:34:02
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