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Rover P4
Rover P4

Rover P4 series is family of sedan cars that was in production between 1949 and 1964 and was developed by Gordon Bashford. The marking \"P4\" was used only on the plat, but the car owners usually said that they had Rover 60, Rover 75 and so on.

The first P4 (model 75) was created in 1949. 75 hp Rover 75 was equipped with 6-cylinder engine. It had the arguable modern design that was very contrasting with the out-of-date Rover P3, the predecessor of the Rover P4. One of the unusual particularities of the new car was the central installation of the light on the radiator grille. The model was also known as \"the eye of Cyclops\". However, soon was noticed that the central light worsen the cooling of the engine, so by 1952 it was removed. This variant of the model was discontinued in 1952.

In 1953 at once appeared two new versions of P4 - Rover 60 and Rover 90 that mostly differed with the engine. The model 60 had the installed 4-cylinder Land Rover engine with the volume of 2 L. The model 90 was equipped with more powerful 2.6 L 6-cylinder engine that can accelerate the car to 100 km / h for 19 sec (as compared with 27 sec for Rover 60).

Hereinafter were released new versions of sedan Rover P4 - Rover 80, Rover 100, 105 S and 105 R, the production of which ended in 1964. During the 15 years of production, the car achieved the fame of very silent, technically perfect, stylish and secure model. It was the one, that became the base for lots of interesting modifications. The most famous of which was the first experimental car with the turbine-powered engine. The first prototype Rover Jet 1 (with the chassis of P4) could accelerate up to 240 km / h. The developments in this area provided the success of the company in auto sport.

The Rover P4 cars were widely known as \"Poor Man\'s Rolls Royce\", they provided very comfortable and pleasant trip. Reach and high-quality trimming of the dashboard and windows (with the elements made of African nut) in combination with luxurious interior made of leather, made the excellent impression.

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