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Reo Speedwagon
Reo Speedwagon

The model Reo Speedwagon was initially produced in the beginning of the twentieth century when first trucks tried to attract as many customers as possible. The truck was produced by American Reo Car Company. Its badge is still quite recognizable throughout the world. The fact that these trucks have a very long history of admiring is very surprising while the model was discontinued after the year 1953. The vehicles, produced from 1915 till 1953 are regarded to be predecessors of pick-up trucks, which became very popular in the recent time. 

There were a variety of different models with trucks dominating on the market. But the badge “Reo Speedwagon” was attached to a number of vehicles, ranging from buses to mid-size trucks. The very first models of the year 1915 were equipped with four-cylinder engine, coupled to three-speed transmission. The car used to weigh almost 1 ton. But the variety of the models made the engineers revise some elements of piloting.

The name Reo Speedwagon suggests it to be a sports car or something like this. But it mostly became famous through the production of trucks. The power output of the vehicle was very far from we used to know. The car could make 22km/hour, which was very decent for an ancestor of the modern pickups. But the speed could fall if the weight of the luggage is very high, or in case there are some defects of the road. But the Company decided to make the car coincide in parameters with its performance by giving the latter more powerful engines. But the original models couldn’t boast even a little comparison to more technically developed vehicles of that and following times.

As for the exterior of Reo Speedwagon, it abounds in natural elements. And wood dominates the exterior. There are even models to be found in museums, showing us that the cabin and the tray were wholly made of wood. Those made the car look very desirable. The quality of the materials makes it a rarity, while the painting can still be admired in a full sense of this word.

The classy look of these heavy trucks in museums makes every visitor look back in time and reveal the history of national pickups. Sometimes even the faraway ancestors may surpise when it comes to quality parameters.

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