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GAZ-66 is a 4?4 Soviet/Russian truck with the loading capacity of 2.0 tons and the cab-over-engine construction. 

It was most mass produced AWD 2-axle truck used for the Soviet Army and the national economy of the USSR and Russia in the the period between 1960 and 1990\'s.

GAZ-66 is a cross-country truck, intended for working in difficult road conditions and on the off-road. 

High pass ability conditional on the usage of self-locking differentials of front and rear bridges, high clearance and controlled pressure in the tires (rims have a special design).

To swap tires was installed a compressor driven by the engine. The vehicle’s engine was equipped with preheater PZHB-12. Service brake system was hydraulic, separated, with the vacuum booster and transmission drum brake. The vehicle had the installed hydraulic power steering, too.

One of the most important features of this car are the balanced center of gravity, almost equal weight on the front and rear axle and compactness by cab-over-engine construction. The Soviet/Russian GAZ-66 truck was widely used for the airborne troops, because it landed directly on all wheels and was lowering without dam of the cab. However, the limited internal volume of the cabin and its location directly above the wheels were dangerous for the crew in case of a landmine, so GAZ-66 from 1980 the vehicle was taken out of the combat units in Afghanistan. In the 1990 GAZ-66 was totally was written off the combat units, and later was replaced with bonneted truck GAZ-3308 \"Sadko\" with the same chassis, but greater length.

GAZ-66 is characterized by an extraordinary arrangement of control units; particularly the gearshift is located right-behind of the driver.

The ZMZ-66-06 gasoline engine was eight-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled and had a volume of 4254 cc and the power output of 120 horsepower. It worked in pair with 4-speed manual transmission with synchronizers on 3rd and 4th gear.

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