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Opel Admiral
Opel Admiral


Opel Admiral is a 4-6-local frame car of classic arrangement. A car of enhance able comfort with a powerful engine is an apex of model row of Opel of those years. Beginning of producing - 1937 year. A car from the beginning was produced with one type of basket is a 4-door limousine (most widespread, 3500 things were produced). After a year a 4-door appeared and 2-door cabriolets baskets of firms of Glezer, Hebmyuller (all they were produced 80 things) and with the baskets of firms of Baur and Opel (590 things).

In addition, quite exotic Admirals were produced with baskets: 4-door convertible limousine and 2-door limousine. These cars can be bravely attributed to the digit of rarities.

Engine: 75 hp/3200 rpm, row 6-cyl. 4-stroke OHV (by overhead valve), 3626 cc block and head from grey cast-iron. A diameter of cylinder/is piston Stroke: a 90/95 mm, Order of work of cylinders: 1-5-3-6-2-4. Degree of compression: 6: 1. Carburetor: Opel vertical, with a falling stream. The engine was aggregated with a 3-speed gear-box. Gear-ratios of gear-box: I - 2.94, II - 1.66, III - 1.00, back - 3.78. Gear-ratio and type of main transmission: 43:10, conical cog-wheels with a spiral tooth. Front pendant: independent, type of Dubonnet.

Back pendant: whole axis (Banjo) on two longitudinal semi elliptic springs.

Weight is in the operating state: 1540 - 1605 kg Length: a 5265 mm, width a 1800 mm, height is the 1625 mm (a cabriolet is a 1610 mm). Base: a 3155 mm, travelling road clearance: 190 mm. Diameter of turn to the right are 12,5 m, to the left are 12,6 m. Foot brake: shoe tree, hydraulically-driven on all wheels type of Bendix-Duoservo. High speed on the asphalt-paved highway: 132 km/h. Size of tires: 6,50-16 inches. Capacity of fuel tank: 70 L. Expense of fuel: 19,7 L./100 km (on other source are 17,5 L./100 km).

The interesting feature of Admiral was an independent front pendant. Thought of the French engineer Dyubonne, she was used on some American models of GM and on a kid Kadett, from that migrated on «Moskvich-400». A resilient element a spring served as with a telescopic shock absorber inwardly; well straight modern bar. Only measuring was considerably less than and was situated in filled oil the cast corps acting part simultaneously turning king-pin.

In fact, it is a pendant on longitudinal levers, through the yoke of leaning against the cup of spring. A difficult knot declared oneself to very reliable, passing muster the lack of roads at the East front. Indeed, at a turn it is necessary to add considerable effort.


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