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Ford New Stability Control predicts oversteer before it occurs in the cars
Ford New Stability Control predicts oversteer before it occurs in the cars

To make the Ford Focus agree to oversteer it will require a consistent effort or total lack of attention to what goes on the other side of the windshield. For drivers who heavily depend on the electronic assistance to keep the nose of the car pointing straight ahead the 2015 Ford Focus has now included a stability control element which galvanizes into action before the car starts to slide.

The new stability control which the Ford calls as the “Enhanced Transitional Stability Technology” is a further improvement on the compulsory stability-control system encased into the vehicles sold in the US. The core function of the stability control is preventing spinouts since it was invented in 1980, but with the Ford system you come to know about it before it starts rather than reacting to an activated rotation already.

Computers on board scan the car speed, angle of steering and the steering wheel change rate to decide when an unexpected jolt will upset the rear end of the vehicle at high speed maneuvers. When the computers predict that there is an impending oversteer then brakes are applied to individual wheels specifically to keep the car in control. According to Ford the system is capable of interfering the spin initiation before 0.1 to 0.2 seconds

The system has been borrowed from the Ford’s Roll Stability Control installed in the trucks and crossovers and enhanced by the engineers. This system does to oversteer what the Curve Control of Ford does to understeer. This system was initiated with the 2011 Ford Explorer which senses the driver entering in to a hot turn and applies the break to reduce as much as 10mph in a second to prevent the car from turning to the outside after leaving the road.


Ford concludes that their engineers have ensured that the system makes the car easy to drive and offer better road connectivity feel to the driver.

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