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Ferrari 348
Ferrari 348


Ferrari 348 is the 2-local rear-wheel drive sports car. The car was produced by the Italian motor-car company Ferrari in a period from 1989 to 1994 Predecessor of this model is the car Ferrari 328, that was taken off from a production in 1989. Above a design Ferrari 348 worked the Italian basket atelier of Pininfarina.

The car was equipped by the engine of V8 by volume of a 3.4 L that was borrowed by a model 288 GTO. Engine power made 300 hp. A power aggregate was situated longitudinally, and to him fastened, already the transversal located, 5-step mechanical gear-box.

It is needed to mark that for prevention of «oily starvation» on high-rate and sudden turns the system of greasing was used with a dry crankcase. High speed of car was 275 km/h, and acceleration to 100 km/h occupied only 5.3 seconds.

For a help to the driver such systems were set in the management of sport car as the ABS and traction system. The car also was equipped by control system by the start of engine. In respect of salon, then the system of acclimatization was here set.

As well as at the model of Ferrari Testarossa the radiators of the cooling system were set at the not front car, and on each side, that did his waist a bit wider. But such location allowed to get rid from the problem of heating of booth, because now under her already tubes did not pass with a hot liquid. To the side effects it is possible to take circumstance that doors became thick enough.

Luggage rack at 348th small and lay out by a black terry cloth. Here already the known lies to our reader’s gripsack with instruments. Less than one is a block of beautiful and varicolored safety devices, under other is a tank of ashen of windscreen.

The hood executed from a plastic is opened easily. The aluminum of head of crankcase gleams at back, thick black air-ducts walking away from a powerful flag with inscription of Ferrari reach after that. The pipes of power framework go out from under her, the elements of pendant and cup of fastening of shock absorbers, plaits of wires, are hardly below visible.

In 1993 the model of Ferrari 348 suffered some changes. Engine was increased power to 320 hp at 7800 about/min Car became wider on one inch from additional cross-bars. The underbody of car was now painted in the color of basket (before was black). Geometry of pendant was also exposed to the changes that allowed increasing divisibility of sport car. Renewed a model got the names 348 GTB and GTS, instead of TB and TS accordingly. In the same year a version appears in a basket cabriolet under the name Ferrari 348 Spider.

Acceleration of the renewed versions to 100 km/h occupied already 5 seconds. High speed remained former (275 km/h).


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