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10% of fatal accidents happen because of distracted drivers
10% of fatal accidents happen because of distracted drivers

United States are having this month dedicated to battling the problem of \"distracted driving.\"

American insurance company called Erie has published some interesting results of the research it performed not that long ago. The research was based on information about fatal accidents collected by the National Agency for Road Safety (NHTSA) in 2010 and 2011. The results show that 10% of fatal accidents that took place in the United States occurred because of at least one of the participants being distracted from driving process. Apart from that 62% of distracted cases occurred because the drivers were too absorbed in their own thoughts, and only 12% of all the drivers were distracted by the phone calls. If this research was based on 2011 data, we can only imagine how serious the situation is now. 


Other distractive factors are the ones every one of us has done at least once. The list includes gazing around, talking with passengers, eating and driving, manipulating the objects in the salon trying to get something or move something. 


The data that Erie Company was analyzing was based on the police reports and their identification of the causes of an accident. That’s why the Erie Company’s analytics suppose that the driver’s carelessness may be underestimated. The thing is people do not share the reasons of their distraction with the police and in most cases even lie about it. It’s pretty natural that drivers are reluctant to tell the police officers the real reasons of their distraction. 


With problems like that the U. S. Department of Transportation has announced the current month being dedicated to road distraction problems. This might draw attention to the “road distraction” issue and all the accidents that happen because of that. 


Another interesting study conducted by the American State Farm insurance company shows that almost half of young drivers use the Internet on their phones while driving a car. This distraction may bring the number of fatal accidents to an entire new level, that’s why it is important to fight these issues as sooner as possible. 

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