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Kreidler Florett
Kreidler Florett

Without doubt Florett was the most famous road model of brand Kreidler, despite the fact that it was the lightest car in its class. The debut of the machine, which was equipped with a brand new three-speed engine in volume of 49 cm3 with a horizontally mounted cylinder with a piston intake, was held in 1957. The model was produced with pedals and without them and thus was sold in two variants - as a moped, and as a motorcycle. 

Florett\'s frame of pressed steel was notable because of deep concave wings that have fully covered circuit and a part of the engine, giving the car an appearance that was completely different from the other models of this type at the time. Although the frame remained open of U-shaped design, the gap between the fuel tank and the seat was very small. 

In the form of a motorcycle model Florett could accelerate to 80 km / h and had a very modern design. Its popularity and reliability was proven by the fact that the plant has awarded machine owners, who have travel 100 thousand miles with solid gold tie clip with emblem of Kreidler. 

Because of the model Florett, Kreidler Company could enter the untapped market of cheap and reliable vehicles of 50 cm3 class, which looked as full bikes, but cost several times cheaper. Model Florett has also made significant progress in the road-ring races and in long-distance international six-day competitions.

The machine was very popular in the local market as well as in Netherlands. Florett was changed by its successor. The new ultra light motorcycle with engine in volume of 79.8 cm3 was manufactured until closure of the facility Kreidler in the early 1980\'s. 

Technical parameters of the vehicle are following. There is a 49 cm3 two-stroke single-cylinder engine with air-cooling system and capacity of 3.5 horsepower at 6500 rev. / min. Transmission is three-stage with a foot switch. Weight of Florett Kreidler is 84 kg. Maximum speed that the bike can reach is 85 km per hour. 

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